How safe is it?

Parkour is just as safe as any other athletic activity or sport, with fewer injuries per capita than sports like rugby, football or hockey. Parkour has been approved by organisations such as afPE and the Youth Sports Trust, and is the newest recognised sport in the UK. We’ve been teaching parkour across hundreds of schools since 2005 and never had a serious injury of any kind.


What support and progression  is offered for staff and pupils?

Once your school joins the Programme your PE/sports staff have will attend our Initial Training Day and then have access to our termly INSET Days to build on and upgrade their own parkour skills, knowledge and teaching tools. We also provide resources such as lesson plans, flash cards and other teaching aids for your staff to access.


Are you affiliated with mainstream governing bodies or agencies?

Parkour Generations first collaborated with the City of Westminster in 2005 and our founders went on to create the National Governing Body, Parkour UK. In that time our education content has been accredited by bodies such as 1st4Sport Qualifications and YMCA Awards, and endorsed by organisations such as afPE, the Youth Sports Trust and more. We are a member of UKActive and a longstanding holder of the Active Westminster Mark.


How does this fit in with current qualification specifications?

Parkour For Schools is a programme of content and CPD offerings to give your staff the tools and skills they need to be able to deliver parkour / freerunning in a safe, engaging and fun way for your pupils. We encourage staff to also take the NGB one day Award for Teaching Parkour / Freerunning, and the Programme then provides the ongoing development, knowledge and training your staff need to present an optimal parkour / freerunning experience within the school sports curriculum.


What equipment do we need?

We train you to be extremely flexible in how you apply the principles and methods of parkour to any space. Parkour can often be delivered utilising and repurposing existing sports, fitness and gymnastics equipment many schools have in place. If your school wishes to upgrade to a premier experience we offer the Portable Parkour range of equipment, purpose built and designed to be used in an indoor setting. This equipment is modular to create limitless movement options, easy for one staff member to move, set up and breakdown, and guaranteed to last.


How much will it cost?

Our Access to Parkour Annual Membership Fee is £1,495 plus VAT. Our full Parkour For Schools Annual Membership is just £2,295 plus VAT.


What is  the next step?

Your school can join the Programme at any time of year, immediately initiating an introductory training day for PE staff, either in your school or in the Chainstore Parkour Academy in London, allowing you to get to grips with the underlying principles and methods of Parkour for Schools.