What is Parkour?

PARKOUR is a movement activity that promotes health and fitness whilst teaching young people to master their bodies and minds.


Why us?

With over  TEN YEARS’ experience of delivering parkour in primary and secondary schools across the UK, we know precisely how to introduce this exciting new activity in a SAFE, MANAGED AND EFFECTIVE way.




Parkour delivers the  SCHOOL SPORTS CURRICULUM, hitting the key points of physical and mental development your students need.

Parkour Offers

  • SAFETY through enhanced physical control
  • Playful and communal INTERACTION with peers
  • Heightened LATERAL THINKING skills
  • Development of TEAMWORK & LEADERSHIP abilities

The Parkour for Schools Programme

is designed for P.E. staff to have access to:


Including Drills
And Lesson Plans


Training Days
For P.E. Staff


With Qualified



We Offer: